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Warp and Woof: Quick Reads for Busy People

January 11, 2017


What is a “mommy makeover,” and when should a mother have one?

April 11, 2017

Many women spend their younger years taking great care of their bodies. Understandably, many are proud of the way that they look. They’re healthy and fit. However, when a woman becomes a mother, many of the results of that work are at risk of being lost. A woman’s body can be changed by the experiences of pregnancy and breastfeeding in many ways. The breasts often shrink dramatically, and may also sag. The abdominal muscles may separate, so that the tummy looks “pooched,” and fat may also be gained in this area. Many women also have a C-section scar, which may be too obvious after healing. Unfortunately, many of the changes caused by motherhood can’t be fixed through exercise and healthy eating. The only way to reverse these changes is through cosmetic surgery. For many women, a few different procedures are needed in order to restore the body to its former shape. Fortunately, women don’t need to go under the knife several...

Can I exercise away my tummy “pooch” from pregnancy?

March 11, 2017

One of the most common concerns that women have about pregnancy is that it will permanently change their bodies. The tummy is a particular area of concern. A flat tummy is highly prized, and many women worry that pregnancy will create a permanent “pooch” in their bellies, making it difficult to achieve that lean look again. What does pregnancy actually do to the abdomen? While a woman is pregnant, the two sides of her rectus abdominis (the “six-pack muscle”) separate from each other. These two sides of the muscle are connected by a thick piece of connective tissue. (This is what creates the groove that you can see running down the center of a fit person’s belly.) As the two sides of the muscle are pulled apart, this connective tissue gets stretched out. Doing core workouts during pregnancy doesn’t prevent the muscles from separating. In fact, this can make the separation worse. When the abdominal muscles are active, the tension...

Can fat grow back after liposuction?

February 11, 2017

Many people who have liposuction for body-contouring wonder how long the results will last. Can they expect to enjoy their new bodies for years? Or is this a “quick fix” that will soon be gone? To understand the answer, it’s important to know a bit about fat. People are born with all of the fat cells that they’ll ever have. These cells don’t divide to make new fat cells, like most cells in the body do. That means that when fat cells are removed, they’re gone for good. No new fat cells will be formed in the area where liposuction was done. However, that’s not the whole story. Each fat cell contains a certain amount of fat, but that amount can change, meaning that the fat cells can change in size. When you gain weight, your fat cells get larger, and when you lose weight, they get smaller. Although the number of fat cells in the area that had liposuction will be reduced, there will still be some fat cells there. If you gain weight...

What’s the difference between bariatric surgery and liposuction?

January 12, 2017

While bariatric surgery is gaining acceptance as a method of weight loss for those who are obese, liposuction is another surgical procedure that removes fat, and has been around for years. Many people aren’t sure of the difference between these two types of surgery. Is liposuction an alternative to bariatric surgery? The truth is that bariatric surgery and liposuction are very different, and intended for different types of patients. Bariatric surgery is intended for those who are extremely overweight, and whose health is at risk because of their excess body weight. This type of surgery alters the digestive tract to cause patients to eat less and/or to absorb fewer calories from their food, so that they lose weight. Many people who have bariatric surgery lose 100 pounds or more over the months following the procedure. Liposuction, by contrast, is not intended as a method of overall weight loss, or for the removal of large volumes of fat from the body....

Paula White featured in Seed Faith-Bribe God book

January 11, 2017

Paula White, Trump "spiritual advisor", is featured in a new book "Seed Faith: Can a Man Bribe God,  How false teachers manipulate and hypnotize you for offerings" authored by Susan Puzio.  The book  addresses the false gospel of greed permeating Christian television with Paula White being one of the biggest offenders. The name of Jesus Christ is used as a ruse to get to into the pocketbooks and bank accounts of viewers who drink the Kool-Aid of false promises of attaining wealth and riches, while the only ones getting rich are the televangelists. After all the public scandals of Christian celebrities like Jim and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart,and Marcus Lamb of the Daystar network, it is hard to believe that people can still fall for the trickery of fast-talking con artists. They bear no resemblance to Jesus of Nazareth who freely gives us all things just for the asking, no money required. But most Christians do not know their Bible and that...

Max Pro Kitchen Introduces MaxTorch, Their Premium Culinary Torch on Amazon in a Choice of Two Colors

January 18, 2017

Max Kitchen Pro introduces their Premium Culinary Torch for Home Kitchens. This high quality cooking utensil is listed in the Home and Kitchen category on Amazon and comes in silver or black. This versatile butane torch brings a professional touch for the kitchen enthusiast that wants to step out of the box when it comes to cooking and creating new recipes. One of the most popular uses is in the preparation of desserts; caramelizing crème brulee, browning meringues and melting chocolate to name a few. In addition to being ideal for enhancing the dessert menu, there are multiple other uses for MaxTorch in the kitchen. It can be used to sear steaks, glaze a ham, roast sweet bell peppers or spicy chiles, toast bread crumbs or croutons and melting cheese. The cooking torch enables amateur and professional cooks/chefs to expand their capabilities in the kitchen to prepare and serve a greater quality and variety of food. In addition to being a valuable kitchen too,...

Medical Ailments Helped by ExerMedic Fitness Program

January 12, 2017

“If people in general knew and understood what ExerMedic can do for them, we would have thousands of people standing outside banging at the door, wanting to get in now!” Jorgen Albrechtsen, Founder & President of ExerMedic Jorgen Albrechtsen, the founder of this new concept, explains what it is all about: What is ExerMedic? It is a scientifically based unique physical program that will greatly benefit a lot of medical conditions. This has never been done before. We have created the most productive, non-invasive, non-medicine, medically approved, physical program ever. From Our Clients Back Pain: Douglas Shaffer, 24, was one of the ExerMedic’s first customers. He came in after seeing an ad about it because he suffers from back pain from his work in construction. His job as an apprentice in heating,...

A Penny for your Thoughts: a survival kit for kids & adults Launches

January 11, 2017

A Penny for Your Thoughts cards and communication game has launched!  Are you looking for tools to assist children in developing important life skills to help manage big emotions and early life challenges? A Penny for your Thoughts: a survival kit for kids & adults encourages kids to communicate feelings ranging from sadness to anxiety, and can help break the silence surrounding bullying. These cards are the creation of two Oregon women – Kathryn Snell-Ryan, an art therapist and mother of two, and Janine McGraw, a couples and family therapist, both in private practice. “Good communication in our work and lives is essential, though ‘getting it right’ is just as frustrating and challenging for us as it is everyone else” said Snell-Ryan “We dreamed up the idea for these cards as we sought more interesting and creative resources in our work with kids and teens”. A Penny For Your...

Reevert Publishes a New Investigation of the Origins of Ransomware

January 12, 2017

SaaS is designed to protect the company’s clients against ransomware, a rapidly growing and all too common form of malware. Ransomware attacks have been making headlines since at least 2013, although similar malware existed prior to that time. Ransomware can be surprisingly profitable for hackers, which is part of the reason that it’s become such a popular form of fraud. In many cases, due to a lack of safeguards in place, companies have little choice but to simply pay the ransom to get their files back. But where did ransomware originally come from, and how did it get so popular? This is exactly the question that Reevert sought to answer in their latest blog post, “” Exploring the History of Ransomware Attacks The article begins by examining the historical development of ransomware, which is around eleven years old. 2005 marked the first instance of a true ransomware attack, although Joseph Popp’s 1989 “AIDS”...

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