Becoming a Better Executive: The Impact of PeerPolling™ on Public Speaking

September 15, 2018

Executive Speaking Incorporates new feedback Software as a Metric for Success“Tuning into audiences has never been more important,” says Anett Grant, CEO of Executive Speaking. “Executive Speaking has designed pioneered the use of PeerPolling™ software to take the guesswork out of that process.”  PeerPolling™ provides immediate audience feedback that speakers can view in real time—allowing them to make adjustments to the key areas of public speaking immediately. The data gathered by the PeerPolling™ software is presented visually in streamlined and easy to interpret graphics. Results have shown consistent improvement among participants in the key areas tracked by the software.  The PeerPolling™ tool will provide presenters with relevant and meaningful feedback that can be applied to upcoming presentations, speeches and other public speaking events—setting them up for a future of success and continued...

Myanmar Unveils New Tourism Branding

September 16, 2018

After five years, Myanmar is replacing its tourism branding — Let the Journey Begin —with “Be Enchanted”.The new brand portrays Myanmar as a friendly, charming, mystical and as-yet-undiscovered destination.  “Be Enchanted” the tagline is as much a promise as it is an invitation. It’s realization. It’s a memory. It’s a moment. The word ‘enchanted’ holds within it the true heart of Myanmar.  The new brand was developed on the basis of the current awareness of Myanmar as a tourist destination and a comparison with a range of other destinations.A survey was conducted in the month of April 2018 at Yangon Int’l Airport Departure and the survey found that the tagline “Be Enchanted” reflects the good experience they had with Myanmar people - the kindness and warm welcome and evokes the image of Myanmar they had in mind- special, magical/mysterious....

Greg Marks, 17-year-old Recording Artist, Set to Release Highly Anticipated Original Song, “Don’t Tell Me"

September 15, 2018

Greg Marks, 17-year-old recording artist, songwriter, & producer, just released his new song, “Don’t Tell Me.” The song, highly-anticipated amongst fans, has been promoted on social media by celebrities such as Annie LeBlanc, Mackenzie Ziegler, Carson Lueders, Hayden Summerall, Matt Sato, and more. Fans have been eager to hear Marks’ new single, demonstrating their support with a viral social media trend, one finger over their mouths (symbolizing “shh”), and using the hashtag #GregMarksDontTellMe. The single can be streamed and/or purchased on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, and other music streaming services.

Julian, CA Celebrates The Apple Harvest With An Old Fashioned Country Fair

September 15, 2018

The mountain town of Julian, California (considered the "Hidden Gem" of San Diego County) is celebrating their apple harvest season in a number of different ways this year, not the least of which will be their Julian Old Fashioned Country Fair.The fair will be September 22 & 23, 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm  at Julian Farm & Orchard, 4381 CA-78 Julian, CA 92036. The two days will be filled with fun and festivities designed to entertain every member of your family, including: beer & wine garden, food vendors, arts & crafts vendors, a pie baking contest and pies to eat all weekend, old fashioned games like tug of war, three legged races, spoon races, etc., a pumpkin patch, face painting, quilt display, tomahawk throw, archery, petting zoo, and pony rides!Just one hour east of San Diego, Julian offers a step back in time to the days of the California Gold Rush. Julian was founded by Civil War veterans in search of fortune. The gold disappeared quickly, but...

Tian Tian Ventures, the new shared economy.

September 17, 2018

The car is privately owned and shared for the people in need when itis not in use. This is the sharing economy. The experts in the economy who conclude that the real sharing economy must have the following points.1: The ownership of the product is scattered, (like TTV ridesharing, the car belongs to each owner)2: The right to use the shared item rather than the ownership;3: Integrate idle resources to maximize their effectiveness;4: The owner of the item has the benefit of sharing the item;According to the above conditions, we know that many existing projects that are sharing the banner are actually not considered to be a sharing...


September 17, 2018

As winter approaches and the days become shorter, many people will experience some of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) including depression, , changes in  and sleeplessness. MONQ® is proud to offer its Therapeutic Air™, a unique blend of Paleo Air® personal aromatherapy diffusers that serve as an assistant for some of the symptoms such as the  associated with SAD.     MONQ is proud to offer its 100% natural solution to winter blues - Paleo Air essential oil diffusers, as part of the company's Therapeutic Air aromatherapy blends. Therapeutic Air is the brainchild of years of meticulous research and advancement in aromatherapy practices. Rooted in the principles of the Paleo Air movement, Therapeutic Air oils serve as a counter-balance to the stresses of living in our modern technological age. The Paleo Air movement borrows...

Women in Localization Announce Non-profit Status

September 17, 2018

Women in Localization (W.L.), the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry, is excited to announce certification as as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code provides tax exemption for groups organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. By generating donations, raising awareness, and encouraging efforts that will benefit the advancement of women in the localization industry, Women in Localization will clearly be fulfilling a charitable purpose. In honor of this important milestone and keeping with its mission to promote women and the localization industry, Women in Localization has initiated a content series to share thought leadership from a diverse group of professionals in the localization industry. This thought leadership series will culminate in a panel discussion comprised of leaders from the Women in Localization community at, 2018 in Santa Clara, California...

Relapsing Polychondritis To Be One Of Subjects Discussed At Upcoming Pittsburg Expert Panel Addressing Autoimmune Disorders

September 17, 2018

A leading panel of physicians from the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) will be discussing over 100 autoimmune diseases, including relapsing polychondritis, in an upcoming expert panel event this September in Pittsburgh, PA. RPASF, Inc. and Race for RP have announced their endorsement of the event, calling on people to support the event and attend it.The Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation (RPASF) together with Race for RP today celebrated the news of relapsing polychondritis featuring on the latest expert Q&A panel from the “” Community Health Series, a year-long partnership between Pittsburgh’s WPXI TV and the Allegheny Health Network.The awareness-raising, 365-day women’s health event is dedicated to bringing resources and to women of every age in local communities in and around Pittsburg. The event is open to those who register, and will feature an who will discuss and take questions on over a hundred autoimmune diseases. Attendees...

Use Gregory Fishman and Resolvly for Debt Relief

September 24, 2018

Carrying debt is a heavy burden, especially if you can’t seem to claw your way out, no matter how hard you try.  Despite making payments toward your debt, the accrual of interest could negate your efforts and make it seem as though you’re swimming upstream against a current.  The end result could be that you grow so tired of the stress and strain that you simply give up and declare bankruptcy.  If you’d rather not have this lasting stain on your credit, there is an alternative.  The qualified professionals at Resolvly, including President and CEO Gregory Fishman, are ready and waiting to help you reduce and even eliminate debt through the debt resolution process. You need a debt resolution specialist that has the expertise to come up with a plan that works for you – one that will truly help you to eliminate debt and regain control of your finances.  After years of owning and operating a successful business, Gregory Fishman decided...

Brizi Raises $2.5M to Reinvent Group Memories

September 17, 2018

Brizi Inc., a Toronto headquartered tech company that lets anyone tap into nearby cameras to capture group memories at iconic places, has closed a round of seed funding for $2.5M. The round was led by 2EP, known as one of the early investors in Harmonix (GuitarHero, RockBand). The financing will be used entirely for R&D, growth, and market expansion — to anywhere that group memories take place.Initially, Brizi recognized a large opportunity in sports, today licenced across the NBA, Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and European football. Brizi helps groups of fans tap into a remote camera experience that they control from their phone web browser. Fans tap in their seat number, a robotic camera pivots to find them, and they see themselves on their phone. They then have 30 seconds to pinch and zoom to get everyone in the shot. A branded overlay is added to the photo, and can be shared on the fan’s social media.For rights-holders, this is a new type of sponsorship...

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