September 18, 2018

, the most important event on excellence, management and leadership in the U. S. in Spanish, announced the winner of the Latin Artist of The Year award.This year's edition will see David Bisbal being awarded, the Spain native has been recognized for its excellence as one of the best Latin artists in the world.

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2018 Hiring Trends Report - 2nd Year Running, over 60% of Tech Professionals See Wage Hike, but Door Opens to Compete for Top Talent in Exchange for Better Leadership, Culture, or Job Location Flexibility

September 18, 2018

Over the past 12 months nearly 62% of IT professionals secured a pay raise.  26% of these increases were greater than 15%, according to the recent 2018 Hiring Trends report released by CultureFit staffing based out of Deerfield, IL.  However, for the first time in four years, top talent indicated that Better Leadership, Culture and Job Flexibility ranked as “extremely important” vs. compensation which was prioritized as “important.”  According to CultureFit’s Founder & Principal Staffing Consultant, Adam Kooperman “This shift in priorities, opens the door for businesses seeking a competitive hiring edge to compete for top talent, using methods which may require a shift in policy changes, and/or how management works with their teams, but these shifts do not have a direct impact to the bottom line.”   CultureFit Technology Staffing, a Chicago area IT staffing and placement firm, recently completed their fourth...

WoVo Identity Solutions Announces Availability of FingerSCAN ePrintsID Low Cost Digital Elimination Fingerprinting in the Field

September 18, 2018

WoVo Identity Solutions (WoVoIS) announces immediate availability of FingerSCAN ePrintsID, a mobile application that runs on Android smartphones and tablets, enabling crime scene investigators to immediately switch from ink fingerprinting to digital fingerprinting for faster crime scene processing. Now, crime scene investigators have an easier way to collect elimination fingerprints from known individuals at the scene when time is of the essence. This eliminates delays in fingerprint capture and unnecessary trips to your agency to expedite crime scene processing. The unique use benefits of FingerSCAN ePrintsID includes: 1) increased security and safety for law enforcement officers in the field; 2) the ability to fingerprint individuals at a crime scene to instantly share records with a remote identification unit for faster processing time; 3) fingerprint traumatized individuals without physically touching the person being fingerprinted; 4) create superior to ink, digital quality...

Las Vegas Homeowners in Need of a Quick Sale Have an Option When it Comes to Selling an Unwanted Home Quickly For Cash

September 17, 2018

Homeownership isn’t always a desirable situation and it can be hard to get out of, especially when a home is in a less than stellar condition.Las Vegas real estate investor, broker, and buyer Lathe Lavada at First Prime Realty Group can help homeowners in difficult situations, offering cash quickly to the owners and taking it off their hands — in Las Vegas and nationwide.“When people find themselves in a distressed situation it can be hard to sell a house in a quick and efficient way,” Lavada said. “A distressed home makes it worse when they can’t afford to fix them. Buyers are unable or unwilling to buy these homes. Getting a loan on these homes can be very difficult or even impossible. A cash buyer like myself can come in and get the seller more money in their pocket.”Lavada said there are several situations where his services come in especially helpful. · Medical condition·...

Novel Business Approach Combines Sun Tzu and Translation to Help Companies Discover New Markets Amidst Trade War Fears

September 18, 2018

Certified translator and author Winn Trivette II announces the timely release of his book to help businesses open new markets, How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business.  Sun Tzu emphasized foreknowledge to outwit rivals, still sage advice amid protectionist fears threatening slower global business growth. Mr. Trivette argues companies can continue to grow profits by discovering new consumers even in highly competitive industries with the right strategy.The author’s novel business approach - New Frontiers Vision - calls on companies to open new markets of untapped consumers via translation and Internet Research. Firms, therefore, should consider a strategic partnership with a certified translator to discover underserved...

Genomenon Advances its Genomic Search Engine for Pharma and Diagnostic Labs with Supplemental Data

September 18, 2018

Mastermind Genomic Search Engine indexes 500,000 new genomic variants from supplemental data found in scientific publications announced a major enhancement to the today: the indexing of supplemental data from scientific research papers. This latest release of Mastermind includes over 500,000 new genomic variants found in the supplemental data. Mastermind powers Precision Medicine by connecting pharmaceutical companies and clinical diagnostic labs with the research used to diagnose and treat cancer and rare diseases.  Mastermind already contains the most comprehensive database of genomic literature in the world, and is used by diagnostic labs to accelerate genomic interpretation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of DNA. Genomenon also licenses the to pharmaceutical and life science companies to identify and prioritize genomic biomarkers for drug development and gene panel design. Researchers and clinicians can now use the Mastermind...

Caribbean Songstress Ouida Returns with Inspirational Single “Mirror”

September 17, 2018

British Virgin Islands’ Voice Soars with Powerful Second Single and VideoOuida Nisbett-Turnbull, one of the Carribean’s brightest voices returns to the scene with her prolific new single and video “Mirror”.  The self reflecting song was produced and written by frequent collaborator two-time Grammy nominee Drew “Druski” Scott (Teyana Taylor, Nick Jonas, Fantasia, Bridget Kelly, Luke James).  The music video was shot and directed by Phillip Richards aka the Island Director and shows the vocalist’s vulnerability as she discovers the beauty within the pain.  As her voice soars over the powerful ballad so do her dreams of becoming one of the most memorable voices in the music industry. “What if I’d to tell you/ Anything you dream/ Wasn’t in the distance/ And closer than you think.  All your imperfections / Fit you perfectly...

GECKO Governance awards the first ICO compliance GECKO Stamp of Attestation to Sylo

September 17, 2018

, which recently launched its new ICO compliance solution, , has announced that it has awarded , the New Zealand leader in decentralised communication, the first GECKO Stamp of Attestation.CEO Shane Brett said: “Sylo is leading the way in providing world class communication between decentralised applications. GECKO Crypto1 has completed a detailed compliance and due diligence review covering of all aspects of the project and we are are delighted to officially award the GECKO Stamp of Attestation to Sylo. We are the first in the market to offer this crypto compliance service and are delighted with the level of engagement and collaboration with the Sylo team. This stamp will be the first of what we hope is many awarded to ICO and crypto projects that want to act in the most transparent, compliant manner possible”.The GECKO Stamp of Attestation provides investors with transparency, compliance and accountability into their crypto investments. The stamp is awarded to crypto...

You can now do tourism near the Fukushima nuclear plant

September 18, 2018

The travel agency Japan Wonder Travel offers sightseeing tours in the municipalities of Namie and Tomioka, in Fukushima Prefecture. Both cities were evacuated in March 2011 as a result of radioactive leaks from the Fukushima-Daiichi NPP. Some parts of the exclusion zone around the power plant were reopened to the public in April 2017. But it is only since February 2018 that this tourist agency offers guided tours in these desolate places. Michaël da Silva Paternoster from the blog Nipponrama.com was able to take part in this unusual trip. He recently wrote an article in which he describes in detail this areas that have been abandoned for more than seven years. In this article, you will find: A railway line suspended due to lingering radiation. A farmer dissatisfied with the Japanese Prime Minister. A road where getting out of vehicles is prohibited. A 9-meter...

Augmently, Inc Partners With 360Booth In First Patented Car Dealer Solution

September 16, 2018

AUGMENTLY™, INC PARTNERS WITH 360BOOTH™ IN FIRST PATENTED CAR DEALER PHOTO SOLUTION REALISM AGENCY TRANSFORMS THE WAY AUTOMOTIVE DEALERSHIPS ARE ATTRACTING CONSUMERS Los Angeles, California – (September 16, 2018) – Augmently™ Inc, the augmented realism agency specializing in three-dimensional/life-like AR technology and creative virtual world innovations has partnered with 360Booth™, the first patented car dealer photo studio solution, to bring multi-dimensional experiences to automotive dealerships across the globe. 360Booth affords car buyers the opportunity to see professional quality photos without moving the vehicle. Clearing the background of obstacles on an on-going basis is no longer a challenge....

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